901- Slaughterhouse Room

902- Corraled Live Animals

906- Cows Waiting Pen

903-Cow Tied For Slaughter

905-Man Leading Livestock

904-Animal Head

907- Men Moving Slaughtered

908- Three Butchers

909- Cow Being Shocked

912- Leading Live Cow To Slaughter

911- Butcher With Hat

910- Full Cow Slaughtered

913-Cow Innards Hanging

914- Cow Head

915- Man Moving Dead Cow

916- Cow Teeth

918- Men Working In Dangling

917- Female Worker Carving

920-  Hoisting Cow

919- Men Working In Slaughter

921- Man Moving A Slaughtered

923- Pig Being Shocked

922- Slaughterhouse Room

927- Pig Being Slaughtered

924-Two Butchers Cutting Cow

926- Men Loading Truck

925- Slaughtered Pig

929-Butcher With Pig

928-Pig Being Moved On Hook

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